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Tamil Nadu private schools released new fee structure

Chennai, June 13  A committee headed by retired Justice K. Raviraja Pandian Monday released the new fee structure for around 6,400 private schools in Tamil Nadu.

The new fee structure would be sent to the various schools by each district's chief educational officer.

Speaking to reporters here, the committee's Special Officer Thirugnana Sambandham said the new fee structure would be applicable for three academic years starting this academic year.

The revised fee is said to be 15 percent higher than the earlier slab.

According to the committee, the fee structure was arrived at taking into account infrastructure facilities and maintenance expenditure of the schools.

On complaints of high fees charged by private schools, the previous DMK government had appointed a committee under retired Justice K. Govindarajan.

The Govindarajan committee submitted its report on the fee structure for over 10,000 schools.

However, around 6,400 schools objected to the fee structure fixed by the Govindarajan committee and filed a case in the Madras High Court.

Govindarajan resigned from the committee citing personal reasons and the government appointed Pandian as its head.

Paris School of Business announces thier BBA admissions

One of the most sought after business schools in France is the Paris School of Business and they have announced admissions for the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) course. This is a three year program following the semester pattern and one semester can be spent at any of the partnering universities of Paris School of Business located at USA, Australia, China etc.

There are multi entry levels depending on the previous study of the students. The intakes are happening in September, January and May.

Further details can be had by visiting

Middlesex University announces admissions for various programs

To those who are looking to pursue higher education in the UK, here is an option. This is the Middlesex University and they have announced admissions for various undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Middlesex is ranked number 1 in London University for employment and it is an 'A' rated sponsor university. The campuses are based at Mauritius, Dubai and London.

Various streams such as psychology, accounting and finance, law, media arts, management, engineering etc are offered.
Further details can be had by visiting

South East European University: Admission

Admission terms and criteria

Admission criteria and terms for full-time and part-time students

1. Right of enrolment in the University have all candidates that have completed four years secondary high school (verified diploma)* or its equivalent and that have passed state Matura.
2. If in the first enrolment session the foreseen number from the Call is not fulfilled, then in the second session the right on enrolment (beside those one that have passed state Matura) have candidates from the gymnasiums that have passed school Matura and candidates from professional high schools that have passed final exam.
3. Candidates that have finished four year secondary high school or its equivalent before 2008, have right to enrol on the basis of their high school success.
4. Candidates that have finished four years secondary high school or its equivalent outside of Republic of Macedonia, have right to enrol only on the basis of their high school success, but in meantime they should verify their diploma in the Ministry of Education and Science of Republic of Macedonia.
5. Evaluation of the success from high school, state Matura and school Matura for candidates from gymnasiums or the final exam for those ones that have finished professional high schools (for the candidates on the second admission session), is expressed in points. The ranking will done based on the points.
6. Candidates are enrolled as full-time and part-time students with self finance of studies.
7. Advantage during enrolment in the part-time studies will be given to the candidates that have employment status and that have better results from high school. Employed candidates would have to certify their status.
8. All candidates will have to take English language testing. This testing, for the programmes conducted in Albanian or Macedonian do not have an eliminating character, but is needed to determine the language proficiency level. For the programmes in English language testing has an eliminating character. Guidelines for test and the minimum criteria required will be published in the university web site.

Study regime

Study regime chosen by the candidates in the application phase remains until the call for studies, without possibility to change it.
Evaluation of success

Evaluation of success will be expressed in points, i.e. the success from secondary school and state Matura will be calculated. Evaluation of the knowledge will be according to following criteria:

* success from secondary school (gymnasium or professional high school) and
* success from the state Matura.

*Candidates that have graduated in high schools outside of Republic of Macedonia according to the Law on Higher Education are obliged to verify their diploma in the Ministry of Education and Sciences of RM. In case of eventual negative answer or not answering to the candidate will be terminated from their studies without any obligation by SEEU.

Required documents

All applicants should submit, to the Admissions Office, the following documentation for the academic year 20010/2011:

1. A completed Printed or Online Application Form and a payment invoice (PP10) for the amount of 1500 MKD from:

Stopanska Banka
Account no: 200-0008735390-10,
Tax number: 4028003134292

2. A short biography/letter of interest consisting of at least 500 words candidates should state the reasons of his/her application at SEEU, and his/her expectations.
3. Original diploma form high school as well as all original transcripts (or notarized copies) as well for students that have completed high school out side of republic of Macedonia.
4. Certificate for the results from state Matura, i.e. school Matura or final examination.
5. Birth certificate.
6. Photo copy of ID or passport.

Candidates that apply from June 14th until the announcement of the results from state Matura with the needed documents according to items 1,2,3, 4 and 6, will be considered that are admitted on condition, so they have reserved the right of a place in the respective faculty, while final enrollment will be conducted after submission of the document foreseen in the item 5.

Admission terms and criteria

Admission criteria and terms for the full-time students

1. Right on enrolment on the second cycle of studies according to the model 3+2 (two years) have the

Candidates that have undergraduate (first cycle) university diploma (verified)[1] or equivalent to three years undergraduate studies (180 ECTS credits) or four years (240 ECTS credits).

1. Right on enrolment on the second cycle of studies according to the model 4+1 (three semesters), have the candidates that have undergraduate (first cycle) university diploma (verified), or equivalent to four years (240 ECTS credits).
2. Courses will be regular and modular according to model: 50% of the curricula of the respective faculty will be offered in regular form and the other part of the curricula can be realized with self studies (leaded by instructors). Regular courses will be offered every second week after 16:00h, while Saturdays from 8:00, in order to be adjusted to candidates needs that are working full time. While with modular courses (when foreign professors are present), lectures will be more intensive.
3. Advantage will be given to the students that during first cycle have achieved GPA 8.00 and above.
4. If the number of candidates is lower than the foreseen number per study program, then the University has the right not to activate that study program.
5. In the cases when the applicant has completed the first cycle in a filed that is not adequate with the second cycle program that s/he applies, then the Commission from the respective Faculty will determine additional criteria for enrolment in the new second cycle study program.

Required documents

All applicants must upon application submit the following documentation for the academic year 20010/2011:

1. A completed Online or Printed Application Form to the Admissions Office (Application forms are available for download on the University website: and payment invoice (PP10) with the amount of 1500 MKD from:
Stopanska Banka
Account no: 200-0008735390-10,
Tax number: 4028003134292

2. Short biography in an essay or interest letter consisting at least of 500 words. Candidates should state the reason of his/her application at SEEU, and his/her expectation. The essay should be written based students on communication skills, which offer a possibility for concise and original essay, unfolding certain aspects of student’s personality characteristics, biography or interests.
3. Original university diploma (verified) and all original transcripts (diploma supplement if any) of the first cycle of studies (or notarized copies).
4. Birth certificate
5. Photocopy of identity card or passport.

South East European University" fees

Tuition and Fees

Students pay their tuition fees in the preset amount for the respective study program and for their respective year of studies. The amount is determined by SEE University announced in the Competition for Student Enrollment.
New students’ tuition payment

Tuition payment for the 1st semester for students entering the University in the academic year 2010/11 at the same time means “registration of semester” and will be conducted during the first week of September, September 1st until September 10th 2010.
General terms for tuition payments (current students)

Students are required to pay respective annual tuitions in two semester based installments

• The tuition for winter semester must be paid the latest until 30th of October of the ongoing academic year.
• The tuition for summer semester must be paid the latest until 28th of February of the ongoing academic year.

If the student within 60 days of deadline expiration does not fulfill his financial obligation the “student status” will freeze (blocked). Freezing the status means blocking the grading evidence, certificates, transcripts, diploma etc.
Return of tuition to students

In principle, SEEU does not return the study fees to students except in cases when there are objective reasons (termination of studies, physical obstacles for continuing the ongoing studies).

In the cases when the student seeks a reasonable return of assets, the University realizes the return with financial sanctions as follows:

• If the reasonable return is required within 15 days from the expiration of the payment period, to the student are return the assets in amount of 85% of paid tuition.
• If the reasonable return is required within 30 days from the expiration of the payment period, to the student are return the assets in amount of 70% of paid tuition.
• Regardless of the reasons, 30 days after expiration period of the payment, to the students are not returned the assets, because is considered that the University has made all expenses associated with the service provided for students.

Requests for reasonable return of assets, even with sanctions, are not approved for students enrolled in the 1st year of studies.

• To the student who in writing requires in reasonable cases, transfer of tuition on behalf of his/her close family member (brother or sister), within 30 days the transfer is allowed without any of the sanction mentioned above (the full nominal amount). After 30 days the transfer is allowed with daily financial sanction in value 1% of the fee

South East European University :Graduate and Undergraduate Degrees

Academic Programmes

Business and Economics

Undergraduate Studies
o Agro-Business
o Tourism
o Business Administration
o Economics
o Information Systems and Management
Postgraduate Studies
o Finance 4+1
o Finance and Accounting
o Management 4+1
o Management
o Entrepreneurship and Local Economic Development (ELED)
o Health Menagement

Contemporary Sciences and Technologies

Undergraduate Studies
o Computer Engineering
o Business Informatics
Postgraduate Studies
o Business Informatics
o Database Management
o Software and Application Development 4+1
o Software Engineering

Languages, Cultures and Communications

Undergraduate Studies
o German Language and Literature
o Albanian Language and Literature
o English Language and Literature
o Communication Science
Postgraduate Studies
o German Studies
o Albanian Literature
o Albanian Language
o English Language Teaching
o Teachers Training
o Public Relations and Marketing Communication


Undergraduate Studies
o Criminalistics and Security
o Law
Postgraduate Studies
o Penal Law
o Civil Law
o Security Studies
o International Law

Public Administration and Political Sciences

Undergraduate Studies
o Public Administration Studies
o Political Sciences
o Leadership and Community Youth Work
Postgraduate Studies
o Diplomacy Studies
o Public Administration Studies

About South East European University

University profile

SEEU operates its academic activities from two teaching establishments, the main campus in Tetovo and its newly established campus in the capital city, Skopje.

The main campus of SEEU is built upon the principle – all in one, which enables interactive comprehensiveness between students in all study disciplines. The campus is a model university facility in that it stretches across a large green area and contains purpose-built accommodations. These include: four large lecture halls with the capacity to fit 200 to 500 students, approximately 30 classrooms with a capacity for 30 to 60 students, staff offices, two state-of-the-art computer centers with more than 650 computers, a library and residen­tial accommodations. In addition, there are sev­eral recreational facilities where students can add social activities to their academic experience at SEEU. Recently, the main campus was expanded and added a new Business Education Building and 8 new computer laboratories with 150 computers from the type “Sun thin client” and 50 computers in support of teaching, learning and re­search.

The equipment for teaching is modern, practical and enables optimal services for application and interactive learning.

The SEEU campus in Skopje is not nearly as large as the main campus in Tetovo, but it provides the same essential features that make SEEU such a uniquely modern European university and an excellent and enjoyable place to earn a degree. The campus is located in the heart of the capital city opposite the Italian Embassy.

The SEEU Campus is unique in the region in that certain concepts in the sphere of protection for the environment and ecological system are being taken into consideration. A large part of the Campus (25.000m2) is a green area. About 60 % of the materials that were used during the construction of buildings were with eco-characteristics.

The University uses high quality filtered drinking water from its own resources. At SEEU, we are all dedicated to recycling waste materials. Due to that, we are separating waste and then transporting it to respective factories for processing.
SEEU is constantly investing in the technology for electric power savings.
SEEU also believes in investing in renewable resources. As environmental pollution decreases, this will have positive influence on the development of the economy in the country.

Quality Assurance and Management

At the center of SEEU’s mission are the aims of excellence, equity, transparency and efficiency. The University strives for the highest quality in every faculty and department and sees quality improvement as both an individual and collective responsibility.

Since quality is at the heart of every process that the University undertakes, we are developing a Quality culture by working on both quality assurance and quality management.

Quality assurance focuses on academic matters and teaching and learning and links closely with those services which directly support students, such as the Library, Student Services and Career Center.

Quality management targets the effective development and monitoring of policies and procedures.

To achieve these aims, the University focuses on Quality issues in its Strategic Plan and has a Quality Policy which underpins a functioning quality structure, with clearly defined roles and evaluative activities. The evaluation of achievements and the implementation of key priorities for improvement and measurement are carried out through Faculty and Departmental Action Plans, validated and monitored by senior managers.

All study programs provided by SEEU are accredited by the Accreditation and Evaluation Board of the Republic of Macedonia and the quality of our curricula and assessment are regularly reviewed according to our institutional quality assurance procedures and through a cycle of external programme review using international specialists.

Research and publications are increasing in number and scope.These important academic research activities are supported and monitored by the Research Office and Pro-Rector for Research.

The University seeks to support effective staff performance. For academic staff, this is done through procedures such as an annual Learning and Teaching Observation Scheme and the active consideration of students’ opinions from the Student Evaluation Survey. All staff is required to take part in the individual Staff Evaluation Process and all these processes are linked to an integrated Staff Development Procedure , offering internal and external opportunities for professional development and training.

The University welcomes and positively uses both national and international evaluation and quality accreditation for continuous improvement.We receive valuable evaluation and advice on a twice yearly basis from our external Quality Champion. We also actively refertothe latest developments and trends in higher education in Europe which are part of the Bologna Process. Also the University has been positively evaluated twice as part of EuropeanUniversities Association (EUA) external institutional review program ; and its administrative and management processes have been successfully validated according to International Standards for Organization (ISO 9001/2008).

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East West University: Financial Aid

At the beginning of each semester, the university considers applications on prescribed forms for the granting of financial aid to deserving students on a need-cum-merit basis. Undergraduate applicants who have completed at least one-fourth of the total credit requirement of the program during the immediate past year with a minimum prescribed CGPA of 2.70 and with demonstrated financial need are offered financial assistance to cover part of the tuition fees. The actual amount depends on the number of applicants and the availability of funds. This is by far the largest component of the funding support both in terms of the amount of money as well as the number of recipients.  Financial assistance is also extendable on fulfillment of the above requirements.

Family Concession
When two siblings (brother/sister with the same parents) study simultaneously at East West University, the second sibling is entitled to a half-tuition waiver. However, both must be admitted full-time into regular programs. The benefit commences on the date of admission of the second sibling and ceases on the discontinuation of the study of any one of them, after his/her graduation or for any other reason. This benefit may extend up to the third sibling under the above-mentioned conditions. If either of the siblings maintains a minimum CGPA of 2.70, while the other maintains a minimum passing CGPA (2.00 for Undergraduate Programs, 2.50 for Graduate Programs, 2.30 for MA in English) the sibling benefit will be awarded and continued for the one who maintains the CGPA of 2.70.
In case of the newly admitted students, if the first sibling could maintain the minimum CGPA of 2.70 the sibling benefit would be awarded to the second sibling provided the first sibling is not currently receiving any merit scholarship/financial aid from the EWU.

The Medha Lalon Fund
In order to be able to extend further support towards nurturing merit, particularly to students of middle-class background, to female students, and to students from outside the metropolis, the Board of Directors of East West University set up in 2002 a scheme called the East West University Medha Lalon Fund with an initial endowment of Taka one and a half crore. The Board has also sanctioned an amount of Taka one crore thirty lakhs from the operating surplus of the university for the Fund. This is in addition to the disbursement each year on regular components such as the merit scholarships and financial aid. Several philanthropic persons/organizations have contributed a combined amount of Taka twenty-seven and a half lakh to the Medha Lalon Fund. From the annual earnings of the East West University Medha Lalon Fund deposited in a lucrative five-year interest earning Scholarship Deposit Account of Mercantile Bank, this need-cum-merit based financial aid is awarded.    

East West University: Scholarship

Since its inception, East West University has been awarding merit scholarships and need-based financial assistance to deserving students. Every year the university distributes at least 9% of its total earnings among 20% or more of its regular students. Such scholarships/financial assistance are not available to those students who have already spent the normal study time required for the programs for which they are enrolled (e.g. Bachelor’s degree program students are not eligible for any scholarship/financial aid beyond the four years that are required to complete the course as a regular student).  No student of the university is entitled to benefit from more than one scholarship/financial aid facility at any point of time.
According to the provision of the Private University Act, 1992, private universities are required to provide scholarships to 5 (five) percent of its enrolled poor but meritorious students. Since its inception, the founders of East West University have adopted a policy of not paying any profit or dividend to themselves but to use a good part of its operating surplus towards nurturing merit and providing financial support to those in need. In the last eight years, the scholarship and financial aid policy adopted by
East West University has become a source of great encouragement to meritorious but financially constrained students. The academic world has greeted this policy pursued by East West University enthusiastically.
EWU has generous Merit Scholarships and Financial Aid Programs. Taka 2,89,55,780 was awarded to 923 students in 2010.

Benefits to students are awarded in the following forms:

Merit Scholarships
(i) 2 top scorers in admission tests with a minimum score of 75%  marks;
(ii) Candidates scoring GPA 5.00 (excluding 4th subject) in the latest SSC & HSC examinations or 7 A's in 'O' Level (at one sitting) and 3 A's in 'A' Level (at one sitting) will be awarded 100% merit scholarship at entry level for 4 years subject to maintenance of minimum CGPA 3.50 in each semester.
(iii) Top 10% students of each batch of each Department of undergraduate     programs of each Department who have completed at least one-fourth of the total credit requirement of the program during the immediate past year with a CGPA of 3.97 and above, will get full tuition free Merit Scholarship for equal number of credits to be adjusted in the next three consecutive semesters and those with CGPA of 3.90 to CGPA 3.96 will get half tuition free Merit Scholarship for equal number of credits to be adjusted in the next three consecutive semesters. To be eligible for Financial Aid and Merit scholarship a student of Undergraduate Program must earn credits as mentioned in the table below, in the last three consecutive semesters:
B. Sc. in Computer Science & Engineering* (CSE)
B. Sc. in Information & Communication Engineering* (ICE)
B.Sc. in Electronic & Telecommunication Engineering* (ETE)
B. Sc. in Electrical & Electronic Engineering* (EEE)
Bachelor of Pharmacy** (B. Pharm.)
BBA with major in Accounting, Finance, HRM, Marketing, Management, MIS & ITB
BA in English (ENG)
BSS in Economics

Scholarships are extendable, subject to fulfillment of requirement in (iii) above. The Merit Scholarship is discontinued if any student of the undergraduate or graduate program violates the East West University disciplinary code for students, 2008 and/or if his/her CGPA falls below 3.50.
Freedom Fighters' Scholarship
As a mark of respect to the valiant freedom fighters of the War of Liberation and Independence, the university reserves 5% admission quota for the wards of freedom fighters of all categories, subject to their fulfillments of the minimum admission requirement at East West University. The university also considers maximum 100% tuition waiver scholarship to the wards of wounded, deceased and financially needy freedom fighters, subject to the fulfillment of the following requirements:
The candidate must qualify in the EWU admission test; the candidate must provide proof that his/her parent was a freedom fighter. The Tuition Fee waiver as above will then be continued provided that the CGPA in each semester remains 2.70 or more.
To avail financial aid, undergraduate students must register for at least three courses (9 credits) in each semester. (For the students of B.Pharm. this requirement is at least four courses) Financial Aid is discontinued if any student of undergraduate or graduate program violates the East West University Disciplinary Code for students and/or if his/her CGPA falls below 2.70. The same is applicable for the beneficiaries of siblings and other similar cases and for Freedom Fighters' Scholarship.

Directors Scholarships

Each of the fifteen Founder Directors of the university, at a point of time, awards two full-tuition scholarships to two students or splits the scholarships into half or quarter tuition waiver/scholarships. This is renewable at the discretion of the Founder Director concerned unless the recipient scholar performs poorly.  

East West University: Tuition Fees

Bachelor in Social Science (Economics)
Total Cost (Apporx.) 403,400.00    
Bachelor of Arts (BA) in English
Total Cost (Apporx.) 397,400.00    
Bachelor of Business Administration
Total Cost (Apporx.) 481,400.00    
Bachelor of Pharmacy
Total Cost (Apporx.) 637,400.00    
B.Sc in Computer Science and Engineering
Total Cost (Apporx.) 573,000.00    
B.Sc in Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Total Cost (Apporx.) 573,000.00-588,200.00    
B.Sc. in Electronic & Telecommunication Engineering (ETE)
Total Cost (Apporx.) 573,000.00    
B.Sc in Information & Communications Engineering
Total Cost (Apporx.) 573,000.00    
Total Cost (Apporx.) 134,600.00-204,800.00    
MA Program in English Language and Literature
Total Cost (Apporx.) 116,300.00-143,000.00    
Master in Development Studies (MDS)
Total Cost (Apporx.) 129,200.00    
Master of Bank Management (MBM)
Total Cost (Apporx.) 191,000.00    
Master of Business Administration (EMBA)
Total Cost (Apporx.) 214,520.00    
Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Total Cost (Apporx.) Tk. 296,600.00    
Master of Population, Reproductive Health, Gender and Development (MPRHGD)
Total Cost (Apporx.) 120,800.00    

East West University: Graduate Programs

Graduate Programs

Department of English

MA Program in English Language and Literature
Department of English

Master in Development Studies (MDS)
Department of Economics

Master of Bank Management (MBM)
Department of Economics

Master of Business Administration (EMBA)
Department of Business Administration

Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Department of Business Administration

Master of Population, Reproductive Health, Gender and Development (MPRHGD)
Department of Social Sciences

Master of Science in Applied Physics & Electronics
Department of Electronics and Communications Engineering

Master of Science in Computer Science and Engineering
Department of Computer Science & Engineering

Master of Science (M.S.) in Telecommunication Engineering (TE)
Department of Electronics and Communications Engineering

M. Pharm in Clinical Pharmacy and Molecular Pharmacology

Department of Pharmacy

East West University Undergraduate Degrees

Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor in Social Science (Economics)
Department of Economics

Bachelor of Arts (BA) in English
Department of English

Bachelor of Business Administration
Department of Business Administration

Bachelor of Pharmacy
Department of Pharmacy

B.Sc in Computer Science and Engineering
Department of Computer Science & Engineering

B.Sc in Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering

B.Sc. in Electronic & Telecommunication Engineering (ETE)
Department of Electronics and Communications Engineering

B.Sc in Information & Communications Engineering
Department of Electronics and Communications Engineering

About East West University

The idea of establishing a private university to provide quality education at an affordable cost in Bangladesh was first mooted by a group of prominent academics, business leaders, professionals and education enthusiasts led by Dr. Mohammed Farashuddin. With this end in view, this group formed a non-profit, non-political, charitable organization called Progoti Foundation for Education and Development (PFED). East West University is its first major project. Members of the Board of Directors of the University are: Mr. Jalaluddin Ahmed, Mr. S.M. Nousher Ali, Mr. Farooque B. Chaudhury, Dr. Rafiqul Huda Chaudhury, Mr. Syed Manzur Elahi, Dr. Mohammed Farashuddin, Mr. Mohammed Zahidul Haque R.Ph., Dr. Saidur Rahman Lasker, Dr. Muhammad A. Mannan, Professor M. Mosleh-Uddin, Mr. Shelley A. Mubdi, Mr. M.A. Mumin, Dr. Khalil Rahman, Mr. H.N. Ashequr Rahman and Mrs. Razia Samad. After being accorded permission by the Government under the Private University Act (Act 34) of 1992, East West University was launched in 1996. Classes started in September 1996 with 6 faculty members and 20 students in the present campus located at 45, Mohakhali Commercial Area, Dhaka. Today there are over 187 faculty members and approximately 5000 students enrolled through a process of selection.

Mission Statement
In keeping with its name, East West University, rated among the top private universities of Bangladesh, is an institution that promotes eastern culture and values, and meaningfully blends eastern and western thought and innovation. As an institution of higher learning that promotes and inculcates ethical standards, values and norms, East West University (EWU) is committed to the ideals of equal opportunity, transparency, and non-discrimination. The primary mission of EWU is to provide, at a reasonable cost, tertiary education characterized by academic excellence in a range of subjects that are particularly relevant to current and anticipated societal needs. Central to the university’s mission is its intention to provide students with opportunities, resources and expertise to achieve academic, personal and career goals within a stimulating and supportive environment. EWU is striving not only to maintain high quality in both instruction and research, it is also rendering community service through dissemination of information, organization of training programs and other activities. Sensitive to the needs of its students and staff, EWU is committed to providing a humane, responsive and invigorating atmosphere for productive learning and innovative thinking.

BRAC University: Scholarship and Financial Aid

BRAC-FORD Scholarship Program

BRAC University jointly with Ford Foundation is offering scholarship for meritorious and needy students (from ‘Ultra poor ‘ families, specially orphans living with their relatives) who wish to study at BU as undergraduate student.

[BRAC-FORD Foundation offers full tuition waiver, living & book allowance for meritorious students from disadvantaged financial backgrounds who obtained (without 4th subject) a GPA of 4.5 from Science, and GPA 4.0 from Arts & Commerce in HSC Examination.]

Two types of scholarship will be given under this program:
1. Full tuition waiver
2. Full Tuition waiver with living (100% fellowship)

Financial Aid

*Up to 100% tuition waiver to those who obtained GPA of 5.0 (without 4th subject) in SSC and HSC from Science, Arts & Commerce groups or have 7 'A's in 'O' Level (in one sitting) & 3 'A's in 'A' Level and on the basis of performance in the admission test.
*BRAC-FORD Foundation offers full tuition waiver, living & book allowance for meritorious students from disadvantaged financial backgrounds who obtained (without 4th subject) a GPA of 4.5 from Science, and GPA 4.0 from Arts & Commerce in HSC Examination.
*Tuition waiver based on financial needs.
*Tuition waiver based on performance.
*Parents with two children at BRAC University are offered 50% tuition waiver for the second child.
*Physically challenged students will receive special fee waiver at various rates to be determined by the Scholarship Committee on case-by-case basis.

Residential Semester
All students are required to attend a Residential Semester Savar Campus in the 2nd semester, except Architecture students who would go in the 3rd semester. The semester will provide an intensive course on enhancing the communication skills, in particular English, besides courses in Bangladesh Studies and Ethics. It will also emphasize, through various exercises and activities, the development of leadership qualities as well as the ability to live and function together as a group. Students undergoing the Residential shall be required to go on field trips

BRAC University: Contact Address

BRAC University Address:
66 Mohakhali
Dhaka 1212

Telephone, Fax:
Ph: +88 (02) 8824051-4 (PABX) (Information Desk ext. 4003), +88 (02) 8853948-9
Fax: +88 (02) 8810383

Contact Information for Faculty, Staff:
Use Directory Search to find contact information for BRAC University faculty and staff.
Important E-mail: (General information) (Registrar)

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